Smash Your Fat With Rice Diet And Lose Up To 15 Kilograms

Which are the benefits of rice diet?

Rice diet last for about 3 weeks, during these weeks you will lose 15 kilograms.
This diet is discovered for the first time by the German physiologist Walter Cepner while he was examining his patients which were suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. After the study, he concluded that people that have suffered from diabetes and hypertension, which during the day have eaten rice, they had been healthier and hadn’t had health problems.
The rice diet consists of the dish of rice, fruit, vegetables, healthy drinks, and meat but not a lot.


rice diet
Today the rice diet is more useful than before. A lot of people who suffer from high blood pressure or diabetic but also it is used by a lot of obese or overweight people. This diet lasts only 21 days during which you can lose up to 15 kilograms. Immediately visible results!
Is known that rice diet is a diet with not many calories and very few salt. It doesn’t consist only of rice but also it includes other foods with fewer calories.
The diet consists of white and brown rice and before you start the diet look for foods that are made of rice, which you can eat in the morning, during lunch and in the evening.
It is important to highlight that rice should be use in all the three meals, while with physical exercises your body will start to look thinner.
Three phases of the diet.

How to use rice diet for positive results.

  1. The first phase stretch in one week, or seven days and you should follow the rice diet. The very first day you should consume 800 calories and 50milligram salt. After every meal, you can eat up to 2 fruits and also consume food that has starch like potatoes and cereal. The other six days you definitely should follow the diet, but you can add milk, cheese, yogurt so in this way you consume 1000 calories and 300-milligram salt. You can eat only what the diet recipe includes, for example, potatoes, cereal, and fruit during the lunch and the evening but nothing else. During this phase, you can lose up to 12 kilograms.
  2. The second phase consists of seven days, it’s almost the same but with a little bit of difference. You should follow the rice diet for a day without the dairy products, but the next five days you should follow the rice diet with the dairy products. So you may eat cheese, yogurt. In the last day of the second phase, you should start eating the rice diet and also meat.
    In the morning you can add fruit and starch products like potatoes, while during the lunch and in the evening you can eat 3 types of vegetables and fruit. The vegetables and the rice will give you 1000 calories a day and also 500 milligrams of salt.
  3. In the third phase, you can add also 200 calories because in this phase the losing of the weight slows down. In this phase, you can add also some meat.


You should give it a try to rice diet in order to lose up to 15 kilograms.