This Diet Can Help Everyone Lose Weight Fast: 20 Pounds Less for Just Two Weeks ( Amazing Results )

So you are in a difficult situation and you are trying to lose weight fast, then no need to worry about that, because with this  lemon diet you can easily remove some extra pounds from your body. This diet it can help you lose 20 pounds in just two weeks. However, it’s a strict diet, and you will have to lay aside some favourite foods for those two weeks. However, if you’re serious about it, it will not only cause you to lose your unwanted weight, but it will also give you other benefits as well.


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What Is It?

This diet according to is known by at least two other names: the Master Cleanse Diet and the Maple Syrup Diet which seems a bit ironic, seeing that you must give up anything sweet like maple syrup. A famous person, singer Beyonce Knowles, has tried the diet at a point in her career where she found that she must lose at least twenty pounds to successfully portray a character in Dreamgirls. You can eat while on this diet, but your intake must be exclusively limited to healthy foods.
According to the Nutraadvisor website, here are the main points about the diet:

On Day One, you consume one lemon, putting it in one cup of water. Day two will feature two lemons in two cups of water. Day Three you move up to three lemons in three cups of water; day four, four lemons in four cups of water. This pattern will continue
up through day six. On day seven you will have three lemons in ten cups of water. You can mix with honey and drink throughout the day. This is a good option for those who cannot stand to drink lemon juice all at once.

Then you are on to the second half of your diet. You are trending downward on this part of your journey. For example, you begin on day eight, by consuming six lemons and six cups of water. You will go into day nine by using five lemons and five cups of water. Day by day you begin reducing the amount until day 13 when you’re back down to one lemon and one glass of water. On day 14, you wrap up the diet by consuming 3 lemons in 10 cups of water. All this occurs, for best results, before your breakfast. Then you can drink the rest of your solution as the day wears on. But if you make it to Day 14 congratulations! You’ve made it!

What are my Benefits?

The benefits of this diet stem from the citric acid found in lemon. According to the Healthy Foodster website, it helps burn fat, which leads to the weight loss. Also, it accelerates metabolism, which usually slows down with age, and helps with the reduction in appetite, which leads to the consumption of less food. If you can stand to eat the peel of a lemon, you can also regulate your blood sugar. This is good news for you if you have diabetes.

Another benefit of lemon is that it contains vitamins that help you build your immune system, such as Vitamin C. It helps prevent illnesses such as the common cold, which is an infection you can easily acquire from a compromised immune system. This agent is also a key factor in the weight loss process.

This diet is also known for its toxicant properties, for it helps to cleanse the blood and the lymph. Every once in a while, your body needs a good detoxification. We come into all kinds of toxins in our body due to the foods that we eat, especially nowadays when so much of our food is chemically treated. When we cleanse those vital elements in our body, we reduce the potential of developing life-threatening blood disorders, including some cancers.

Foods to Eat/Not to Eat During This Period

Stick to healthy foods. All the time in the world spent on this diet will not help you lose an ounce of unwanted fat if you’re unwilling to make food choice changes. It’s permissible to eat meat, a limited amount of fruit, and lots of vegetables during this diet. You should avoid any fast food, pizza or other pasta, carbonated beverages, white bread, or pastries, according to Also, stay away from juices with artificial sweeteners, and anything with alcohol in it. Chips and candy or doughnuts or cupcakes, for that matter, are also examples of foods to avoid. Remember the idea is to detoxify your body, and to burn fat. Keep this in mind for the 14 days you will be doing this diet.

Also, try to avoid meals after 6 pm, as the NutriAdvisor website points out. That act alone has been proven to add calories to you because your body does not have the chance to burn fat as you are sleeping because you are lying down. But if you must snack, get a vegetable salad. Fruits are not even a good policy after 6, especially on this diet.

Who Should Not Participate in This Diet

Like every other diet, everyone can’t be on it. For example, this diet is contraindicated for you if you have a gastrointestinal disorder, due to the acidic nature of the diet. Also, before starting any diet even for a short amount of time, you should consult your physician or dietitian, especially if your health is less than perfect and you’re under a doctor’s care.


Brush your teeth, rinse out with mouthwash, especially during the time you’re on the diet. For the citric acid found in lemons can do great damage to the enamel of your teeth. Also, don’t try to drink your lemon/water combination all at once. You can drink it periodically throughout the day, especially if you are somewhat put off by the water and lemons.

Conclusion of the Matter


This diet like all other diets can only help you lose weight if you follow the specific guidelines thereof. Indeed, losing the weight is dependent on you following it and not cheating on it. If, after you end your diet, you go back to eating all the unhealthy food you once ate like Beyonce did you will gain all of your weight back and then some.