Best Chest Workouts For Men To Build Massive Muscles

If there’s one thing that naturally defines a physically fit dude, it’s a broad, ripped, well-built and bulked-up chest. However, achieving the perfect Hercules form does not come easy. The most frequently asked question in the gym is how do I get my chest to look like that? How do you do it? Most guys hit the gym and pound some weights day in, day out without any success. I’m here to show you that you don’t need the most expensive, most modern equipment in the market to buff up. With the following workouts, you can transform your pecs from an average size to a monstrous mass of bulging muscles. Here’s a list of the best chest workout for men.


5 Chest Workouts for Men that Really Work

1.Weighted Pushup

Like I said, you don’t need state of the art equipment to get those pectorals chiseled to perfection. With a weighted pushup, all you need is a weight vest or a bag full of sand or rocks over your back. Once you begin doing a set number of your usual reps a day, your muscles begin to work much harder and massively bulk up in the process. How To: If you normally do 100 reps of pushup sets without any additional weight tied to your back, then reaching half the amount with weighted pushups should improve your chest significantly.

2.Incline Dumbbell Press

One of the most exciting aspects about the inclined angle of the bench is its ability to emphasize effort on the upper chest. This contributes significantly to giving men that well-rounded look around the chest muscles. How To: To get the incline bench press just right, adjust the bench to the lowest possible inclined angle. Lie back on the bench with your pair of dumbbells and press them up till they meet at the top and then lower them as far as they can go. Repeat these presses in three sets of around 8 to 10 reps while resting for 2 minutes in between sets.

3.Flat Dumbbell Fly

The fly is great for recruiting massive amounts of muscle fiber across your entire chest region that most presses. Moreover, it helps novice weight lifters and amateur bodybuilders to improve their mind-muscle connection and coordination. How To: For the flat dumbbell fly, knock out two entire sets with the first being roughly 10 reps. However, the second set should be performed to complete muscle exhaustion. You gotta work hard to look great.


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