How To Build Lean Muscle While Training

Anyone that has ever tried it knows that building lean muscle can be difficult. The process requires someone to have a high level of commitment, unquestioned determination, and the utmost patience. So many things factor into muscle growth that it is known to be a delicate process. In order to build lean muscle; the right exercises combined with continuous training and healthy eating are needed for success. However, once you conquer the basics you can enhance your muscle growth and reach your goals more quickly. The following fifteen tips will help you build lean muscle as you train.



lean muscles

1. Exercise the Big Groups

The first thing you can do to increase the amount of lean muscle you are building while training is to focus on big muscle groups. Exercising groups (chest, back, legs) is said to be the best method of making headway in building lean muscle; and is in fact backed by several different studies. You should exercise the groups at least one time a week. Make sure that the exercise routine you design focuses on the group of your choice. For example, instead of doing a workout focusing on 2 individual parts of the body three times a day; spread the work out to six days and focus on one part each day. This allows stress to be put on common muscle groups; which in turn encourages your body to make muscle fibers more quickly.

2. Heavy Loads

Muscle actually grows faster when the fibers are subjected to tear. In order to subject muscle fibers to tear, you must expose them to forces on the outside they are not already used to. This means that using dumbbells, weight lifting machines, and barbells can accelerate the rate of muscle growth unless your workload already consists of heavy manual labor. The recommended load range is between eight to twelve repetitions per sets and it is recommended that each exercise consists of three to eight sets. Make sure that the loads are heavy enough to cause muscles to fail at the end of each set. Heavier loads will tear the fibers of your muscle and faster growth will occur; allowing you to complete each set before your muscles fail.

3. Progressive Lifting

When you expose your muscles to the same load repeatedly, they are going to stop growing. For this reason, if you want to continue to build lean muscle, it is important to change the weight that you are lifting. This allows you to achieve significant muscle gains. By adding extra weight, your body knows to make more muscle fibers in order to handle the heavier loads; thus bigger muscles build over time.

4. Multijoint Exercises

If you are actively trying to find a way to quickly build lean muscle, stop focusing on single joint muscles (triceps extensions, bicep curls). Instead, use exercises that will work more of your muscles and provide the opportunity to use heavier loads in shorter time spans. Multi- joint exercises (deadlifts, bench presses, squats) are able to stimulate muscle growth faster.

5. No Cardio


Cardio workouts are great for staying healthy, but they are not going to get you where you want to be with lean muscles. This is because this type of workout releases what is known as catabolic hormones in the body. Catabolic hormones break down muscle tissues and are actually counterproductive to building lean muscles. They also burn calories that can be used to build lean muscle. For this reason, cardio is a good warm-up, but should not be your main focus.

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