Best Triceps Workouts For Woman

Every woman needs some triceps exercises to get in shape.

Girls, why spending  all this time on cardio equipment  in hopes of reducing a size dress or two  when we all know that muscle burns calories and comparing the time spend , we’re better off with a little more muscle!!  Nowadays, women are hitting the weights just as much as men are and while men’s main purpose is to build bigger arms, women are working on triceps to tone up.


The primary function of the triceps is to extend your arm at the elbow joint , however, all three heads of the triceps extend the arm. A tip from us would be to have your arms fully elevated above  your head in order to get the most work for your long head which is attached to the shoulder blade.  This will help you get a complete workout for your triceps.  Anyway, here are some more detailed triceps exercises for you ladies that will help tighten up the arms .

1.Triceps Push Down
This exercise will emphasize the outer part of the muscle more than the others and it is performed using a cable machine with an overhand grip. The trick to this exercise is to keep your elbows attached to your body . Firstly, you should be close to the rope of the cable machine , about 4 to 5 inches away and after gluing your elbows with your body , make sure your elbows are pointing downward  forming a 90-degree angle . The tension created from the weight will do a great work on that outer muscle.

2.Triceps Pull Down
The pull down is very similar to the first exercise as the movement is the same. The only difference is that here we’re using an underhand instead of an overhand grip.  This specific exercise even though not so popular ,it  is very important as it works with the inner part of  the triceps , making your arms more tighten. As a result, you will forget all about that  fleshy arm waddle that made you feel uncomfortable waving at someone !

3.Triceps Dips
Dips are great because they will target all the three heads of your triceps. However, do not try them if you’re a beginner as they not only require a very good technique but superior body strength as well .You can do dips on a bench , floor ,weight-assisted dip machine or even rings!  They are becoming very popular especially with the boot camp workout but you should always make sure you’re having the right posture required as you risk straining your neck or shoulders.  Also, make sure to use some sort of hand protection so that you don’t tear up your hands.


Triceps dips using the bench are one of the most effective exercises of this kind only because they’re so practical you can perform those at home , at any time . Moreover , you’ll have an effective workout just by using your body weight.
To perform this , you can grab a simple  dining room chair  , sit on its edge and roll your shoulders back and open up your chest ,  in order to have a good posture so that you don’t put extra strain on your shoulders.  Put your hands right underneath your shoulders , keeping your arms straight  and take your legs out by keeping your knees bent. ( You could also  keep your legs straight if you want to make it harder.) Bend your elbows and hips down and there it goes.