11 Amazing Workouts That Can Help You Chisel Your Abs!

Bodybuilders, wrestlers, basketballers, footballers, swimmers, fitness enthusiasts, every athlete from all walks of life; what do they all have in common? Simple, no matter what type of sport you’re into, physical training will always be based around enhancing the strength and improving the core muscles. Hitting the core from all angles with a proven array of compound movements is key to achieving both a strong base and the perfect, sculptured look.


However, let’s get one thing straight here, not all abs are created equal. While most guys have to work their belly muscles to total exhaustion before carving out a single ab, others seem to be ripped naturally, almost blessed by the fitness gods. We’re here to tell you that anyone can get chiseled abs by following these 11 simple yet highly effective abs workout for men that will have you looking like a monster in no time.

1. Stability Ball Knee Tucks

Everyone who’s ever worked out knows just how important a stability ball can be to building a strong core. Simply get on all fours, place the stability ball by your torso and work in a crunch like motion. By pulling your knees towards your chest in 10-15 reps, you will be engaging all the core muscles necessary to sculpt the perfect abs.

2.Leg Lift

To ensure that you tone both the lower and oblique ab muscles, you need to make leg lifts an essential part of your daily workout. To do a leg lift, lie flat on the ground, hands to your sides and lift your legs as high and as straight as possible. Hold this position for about 5 seconds then reset. 10 reps should do the trick.

3.Basic Plank

You know what they say, old is gold; and nothing gets the job done like a good old-fashioned plank. Just get in a push-up position, plant your forearms on the ground and see how long you can fight against gravity and fatigue.

4.Hip Thrusts


This workout is not only super helpful for your abdomen, but it also helps you improve in other areas too. Yes, I’m talking about the bedroom. To nail this workout, simply lie on your back, fold your knees and basically make love… pardon, I mean, make repeated thrusts to the air. We’re going to recommend 3 sets of 10 firm strokes each.

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