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Within the health and fitness business, I provide good health plans and education to our readers. My name is Chrissie Siegfried and my main aim is to assist people to embrace a healthy lifestyle by giving fitness and nutrition advice.


This website was established in 2016 with a passion for helping weight watchers and people generally trying to curb obesity. From my point of view, some of the nutrition advice given to clients can be very difficult to keep up with thus others may term as “harsh”. However, my programs provide nutritional diets and fitness advice that are friendly to readers with different body types and eating habits.

Several health and fitness websites exist but this one is unique in the sense that it takes into perspective the current lifestyle of the reader and incorporating it into the plan. This is an idea that would prevent readers from starting the program then fail in the middle of it or backsliding. The fitness and nutrition plans offered here can be followed by anyone and not necessarily people who want to lose weight. The about us page gives you an overview from where the unique idea of health and fitness expertise started.

My Story

I am currently studying at the University of Vienna doing a business management course. I have been in a family where relatives deal with weight issues and did not have an easy time being in the public. It appeared like I was the “fit” person in my family therefore took it upon myself to find ways that will help my family to fight their weight battles. This does not mean that I was actually fit but when compared to the rest of my family, it appeared so.

Going to college, it was a heartfelt situation for peers and friends who got it rough in the school environment from teasing to being unable to take part in active co-curriculum activities as a result of body weight issues. The fact that some of my closest friends and family were trying to fight the same “demon”, I took it upon myself to do an extensive research on healthy nutrition and fitness.

I started doing a research on favorable nutritional diets and body exercises that we could easily do to the latter without feeling that we are being punished. For my family who were overweight, it just began by taking regular quick walks in the neighborhood and reducing food portions by half not exceeding 1,000 calories. After the bodies adapted to the changed lifestyle then we progressed to more challenging body exercise. By the end of 4 weeks, the heaviest member of my family had lost 100 pounds.

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The motives of the health and fitness advice I give to readers are realistic, backed up with scientific research and attainable body and health goals to everyone. It will be a pleasure to work with clients who want to have the total healthy lifestyle change. On the other hand, clients with a difficult time in following a proper body exercise and diet plan should request for consultation. If you would like to know more about the daily routines on fitness and diets, you should check our regular blogs to see the relevance of points in “about us page”.


Chrissie Siegfried, Co-Founder and Editor in Chief @Motivation4Fitness

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