15 Ab Workouts Under 15 minutes

We all want a healthy, chiseled body and the basic strength of the entire body stems from the core muscles. The core muscles work in sync with the hip, thigh and back muscles and all these get toned with core muscle exercises. The abs should be strong, lean, and of course the envy of all. Always start with a warm-up, some light exercises to make your limbs flexible and light.


Bicycle crunches:

· Lie down on your back
· Lock your palms behind the head
· Now slowly bend your right knee and lift your left elbow to touch the knees.
· Change sides
· Repeat with alternate sides
· Start with 10 rounds and increase the rounds slowly

Folding chair:

· Lie on the back with feet bent and parallel to the floor
· Raise your hands with palms facing up, about 5 inches above the floor
· Raise your head and shoulders a little and holding your core, extend the fingertips towards the feet
· Pause, with hands, feet, head and shoulders all in the air for a few seconds
· Get back to start position
· Do 10 similar rounds

Russian twist:

· Sit on the floor and raise your feet a little above the ground
· Rotate your upper body and hands to one side with legs on the other side like a twist
· Repeat on the other side, that 1 round
· Start with 10 rounds and increase the rounds slowly


· Lie on your back
· Raise your upper body and feet to form a V with your body
· Contract and hold your abs for 30 seconds
· Get back to the original position
· Repeat for 20 rounds


· Get on all fours and place your hands directly below the shoulders and knees below the hips
· Exhale and contract the abdominal muscles and pull your head inside tucking your chin
· Stretch your upper body into a curve rounded towards the ceiling
· Stay in this position for 10-15 seconds
· Repeat to original position
· Now pull your head outwards and make an arch of the torso
· Stay in this position for 15 seconds, feel the stretch on your upper body
· Back to original
· Repeat the moves 5-8 times

Side planks: The classic exercise which takes some time to master and strengthens the sides and core muscles.

· Lie down and get on your right side
· The head, spine, and legs should all be in a straight line
· Keep the elbow directly under the shoulder and push up the upper body
· Contract the abs and lift the hips and knees off the ground
· Hold for 10-30 seconds
· Return
· Change side and repeat the above process.

Front plank: Focuses on the entire core muscles.


· Lie on the stomach with legs extended and toes pointing down
· Fold the hands and place them on the sides with palms facing down and fingers pointing up
· Tighten the core muscles and slowly lift the entire body, head, torso, hips, and legs, off the floor, in a straight line
· The body is balanced by the forearms, palms, and toes.
· Start by staying in this position for 10-15 seconds and slowly work on to stay up for a minute

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