9 Tasty Meals That Are High in Protein!

A lot has been said about the all important fatty foods. Heck, even the all mighty carbs have had a lot of time in the limelight. However, no matter which individual nut and bolts link up to make your food chain, one thing’s for sure, Proteins are vital, irreplaceable and outright necessary for the development and daily operation of any part of your body.


Protein makes for a very great companion for different people with different purposes. If you want to lose weight, it can come in very handy. And if your biggest dream in life is to bulk up, increase muscle and strength, there’s no better food to gobble up. It’s all about what kind of protein you get and in which amounts. The average recommended intake is about 60 grams a day for men and 50 for women. To help you get a great head start on both the day and your health, here are 9 tasty, delicious and quick healthy meals.


Precise, direct, concise and straight to the point. This protein-packed meal in a shell is not only ultra rich in appetizing, life-building protein, but it is also among the healthiest foods on earth. 1 large whole egg contains about 6 grams of protein as well as a generous combination of minerals, vitamins, healthy fats and antioxidants.

2.Lean Beef

When it comes down to the nitty gritty of foods, nothing packs a tremendous amount of protein than a fresh, healthy slab of meat. Barbecue it, fry it, steam it, boil it, take it whichever way you like it damn it! In addition to injecting your body with a direct dose of protein, beef helps enrich your blood with iron, vitamins B12 and other required nutrients.


tuna photo

If your primary goal is high levels of protein and maximum amounts of convenience, then this right here is the meal for you. No unnecessary fires, oils or even costly ingredients. Just chop up some tuna, maybe a delicious dip and Voila, 39 grams of pure protein per cup.


shrimp photo


Talk about killing two fat juicy birds with one very delicious stone in the form of shrimp. Cooking up some shrimp once in a while will not only give you your daily protein requirements, but it is also really low in calories! That’s a huge bonus for your health and weight.

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