7 Lessons On Fitness From Lena Dunham That Will Help You Lose Weight!

Well, curling on the couch with a movie and some popcorn might sound okay, but those extra pounds won’t shed themselves off. The good news is that you don’t need a gym membership or a costly monthly subscription to shed weight and look great. How do you think Lena Dunham did it? Before we take a closer look at how this gorgeous, confident and highly talented icon made her mark, here’s a list of the most effective, at home workouts for women.


  1. Pushups
  2. Second Position Plies
  3. Intervals of Intense Cardio
  4. Triceps Extensions
  5. Step Ups
  6. Plank with One Arm Raised
  7. Shoulder Stand

7 brilliant observations on Fitness from Lena Dunham that Will Help you Lose Weight

Throughout her entire weight-loss and exercise journey, Lena Dunham found out some extremely valuable tips that saw her through. It wasn’t enough to just utilize a particular exercise set or workout program; there’s a whole lot more that goes into greasing the wheels in your very own endeavors. Have a look at 7 of her brilliant and life-changing observations.

1.Attitude is Everything

If you hit a workout regimen with passion, dedication, and an iron will, it won’t even feel like work. Your attitude could dictate the way your body responds to the workout. It’s mind over matter ladies. Moreover, endorphins are real! A great workout could leave you feeling way better that when you started.

2.Exercise Works in Many Ways

Are you looking to keep fit? Or maybe look your very best when stepping out. For some, exercise is more than a fad, it’s a lifestyle. Working out should not be used for weight loss alone, there are so many ways your life could benefit from regular workouts.

3.Workouts Are Great for Both Body and Mind

Ever slouched around all day long without actually doing something productive? I’m sure the day seemed longer, and you actually felt more tired than usual. Exercise helps you keep calm, enjoy your time and feel great for actually achieving something with your body.

4.Exercise Allows you to Focus on More Essential Aspects

Instead of living every day thinking about what your body looks like, why not push it to the limit and see what you can do? The more you work out, the less the superficial squabbles with your body image diminish. Only then can you begin to appreciate your body.

5.Ditch the Scales

We’ve all gone through this; weighing yourself every morning and spending the rest of the day sad and gloomy because you gained a pound. Losing weight is a very confusing roller coaster, just let it take its course and you’ll come out stronger on the other side.

6.Workouts Can Empower

Once you realize what your body can do, you will definitely be looking for new ways to test out your brand new wheels. If you usually take a cab just to get a few blocks done with, exercise will have you thinking of walking today.

7.Emotions can Fuel Amazing Workouts

If you really think about it, the best songs, movies, plays and even books came as a result of passion, inspiration, and raw emotion. Whenever you find yourself angry, anxious, infuriated, inspired or even depressed, turning these negative feelings into fuel makes for one hell of an intense workout session.



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