7 Homemade Detox Water Recipes To Lose Weight in 2016

Weight gain has become an alarming concern for many people.

How to lose weight in an uncomplicated manner? Most weight loss products invite unwanted side effects and they do not offer long lasting results as well. That is exactly where the importance of homemade detox water recipes comes in. Here are the most effective 7 homemade detox water recipes to lose weight:



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1) Blood orange mint water recipe

It can be described as an extremely beneficial detox drink to lose weight and this powerful drink strengthens your immune system in the best possible manner.

Ingredients needed

a) Blood orange – half

b) Pineapple mint – handful

First of all, you need to take a pitcher or a large jug. Then, you have to take half of one blood orange and it should be sliced before adding to the pitcher. The next step is to add a handful of mint (a pineapple mint is a good option) to the pitcher and you can let it sit overnight. You can use this detox drink next day to enjoy excellent weight loss benefits.

2) Watermelon or cucumber, mint, and lemon/lime recipe

It can be described as a highly delicious detox drink and if you want to offer a fruity twist to your drink, it is an excellent option.

Ingredients required

a) Cool water –2 liters

b) 1 watermelon or cucumber – part of 1.

c) Lemon or lime – 1

d) Fresh mint leaves – A handful.

e) Ice cubes

Take a pitcher. Watermelon should be sliced up into cubes and you need to grind it properly. Then, you must add them to the pitcher. The next step is to cut the juicy lime into wedges and it should be tossed in with the watermelon. A handful of fresh mint leaves must also be added and you must pour 2 liters of cool water as well. Let this drink sit overnight and ice cubes can be added before drinking it.

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3) Lemon, Cayenne pepper and honey recipe

This drink flushes out the toxins with utmost efficiency and it also increases your metabolic rate in the best manner.

Ingredients required

a) Fresh lemon juice – 2 tablespoons

b) Cayenne pepper powder – 1/8 tablespoon.

c) Honey – 2 tablespoon.

d) Water

First of all, you need to take a 10-Oz glass of water and fresh lemon juice must be added to it. Then, you have to add cayenne pepper powder and honey as well. You can take this drink all day to achieve the best weight loss results.

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