7 Butt and Thigh at home workouts for busy woman…

It takes extraordinary powers to be a woman. There is no end to the places you have to be all seemingly at the same time. Meals to cook, kids to take to school, husbands to take care for and a home to keep where do you find time for yourself? One of the first things that go out the window for busy ladies is a workout routine. But then the effect of such neglect just boomerang leaving you with flabby thighs and a saggy but don’t we just hate those!? This doesn’t have to be how your life story ends. With a little effort and consistency, you can get the butt and thighs that your husband will want to come home to in the comfort of your own home. Here are our top 7 butts and thigh at home workouts for busy ladies.


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Booty workouts at home:

1. The Chair Squat

· You will only need a chair for this exercise

· Set a chair in a comfortable space and stand with your back facing the chair and knees at the same level with your hips

· Lower your butt towards the chair as if you were to sit

· Just a few inches before you reach the seat, raise up and repeat

· Do this 10-15 times at 3 set intervals

2. Ball/ Wall Squats

· You may use an exercise ball or simply a wall if you don’t have any equipment

· Stand with your back to the ball (placed in the curve of your back) and keep your feet at the same length of your shoulders

· Bend your knees until you are sitting on your butt and thighs parallel to the floor

· Keep this position for 3 seconds and stand up

· Do this 10-12 times at 5 intervals

 3. Hip raises

· Lie on a mat facing up

· Bend the left knee while keeping your right straight

· Raise the right leg until it is in line with the left

· Using your back, push upwards lifting your hip off the ground while your right leg remains elevated

· Keep this position for 3 seconds and lower your back to original position

· Continue for the desired amount of time and then switch and repeat with another leg

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4. Downward dog split

· Lie on all fours on a mat facing down forming an arch with your body

· Breathe deeply straightens legs by lifting your hip and butt into the air

· Breath out while lifting one leg above you as high as you can go

· Lower leg and repeat for the other leg

5. Standing Gluts

· Stand at the back of the chair holding it for support

· Move the left toe back about 12 inches and touch the floor.

· Lift off floor bending the knees

· Reach toe back as far as you can (imagine it’s a clock and you are reaching for the 6) repeat 20 times

· Return to starting position straightening leg and now reach back diagonally (as if aiming for the 8 on the clock) repeat 20 times

6. Plie Slides

· Stand like a ballerina hands on hip, heels pressed together toes pointing outwards

· Step your left foot as far as possible away from your right forming something like a sumo squat

· Lower your body to the floor by bending your knees while keeping your back straight

· Return to original position sliding back your left foot to ballerina pose

· Repeat 15 times alternating both legs

7. Lunges

· Stand straight feet together holding dumbbells to your sides palms inward

· Step a big step forward with your right leg

· Slowly lower your left knee to the floor while right foot is planted in front

· Keeping your back straight, push back to starting position

· Repeat with another leg

There you have it 7 butt and thigh home workouts for you busy ladies out there. So from now on, no excuses about not having time for the gym.

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