10 Reasons That You Should Try Avocado For Weight Loss!

So, you’re trying to shed off some pesky extra pounds?

Don’t worry about it; you are not alone. And just like the rest of us, finding the time and energy to hit the gym or run a 21K every morning seems pretty close to impossible. Did someone say swimming and aerobic exercises? Drives me insane these stupid regimens that have you shaking it to a fast-paced Zumba electric tune. Don’t even get me started on those cave man diets that have you eating raw kale and 30 gallons of water a day. Enough is enough; it’s time to tackle the issue from the inside. It’s time to call in the super fruit.


Apple a Day? More Like Avocado!

We’ve all heard it. That proverbial apple a day that keeps all medical physicians at bay. You know what, the dentist seems to have missed the memo. Are apples the hard man and all those acids? For us plus size guys, it’s the modest Avocado that really keeps the doctor, the weight and many other things away.

I know, I know. From a young age, you heard people say that eating fats makes you chubby. However, scientists and nutritionists have disproven this dietary fallacy. Simply put, that is not the case. How your body responds to the ingestion of dietary fats cannot be so aptly put in one sentence, it’s much more complicated than that. The fact of the matter is that a distinct range of dietary fats such as those found in Avocados is not fattening at all. In fact, eating avocados are more healthy and beneficial that you think. Ready to start punching away the weight pound by pound? Here’re 10 reasons why Avocado is the perfect weight loss food for you and your family.

avocado photo

1.Avocados are Healthier Fat and Calorie Alternatives

Although avocados are generally classified among the high-calorie foods, a large percentage of that will come from monounsaturated oleic acid. In a typical avocado, 100 grams of fresh fruit equals to 160 calories. Nutritional research reveals that monounsaturated fats are far more likely to be put to efficient and resourceful use in your body. This makes for a great slow burning energy source that works better than saturated fats.

2.Avocados Keeps Hunger at Bay

Did you know that by simply including half an Avocado fruit in your regular meals, you contribute to significantly improving the rate of nutrient absorption in your body? Feeling hungry is often caused by your body asking for specific nutrients. The better you absorb the nutrients, the less hungry you will be.

3.Avocados and Insulin

First things first, Insulin is a very crucial hormone that removes traces of excessive glucose from your system. This glucose is then stored in the liver and muscles, and once it accumulates, the rest goes to your waistline. Having your daily dose of Avocados in the morning ensures your insulin levels remain optimal all throughout the day.

4.Avocado Directly Affects Your BMI

This is nothing new. Lots of research has been carried out on the daily consumption of Avocado and how it improves the overall quality of your diet. However, more studies revealed that avocados also slice the risk of metabolic syndrome by a staggering 50%. This means that avocado eaters are more likely to have lower body mass index and even smaller waist sizes too.

5.Avocados Act as Supplements

Working out still remains an important part of keeping fit and healthy. Eating some Avocado before hitting the road gives you that extra boost you need to maintain a longer, more productive session.

6.Avocado Combats Radicals

The process of metabolism leaves behind rogue oxygen molecules that actively wreck havoc to your cells. Simply put, these free radicals can cause serious health complications if not dealt with. A daily dose of Avocado fruit provides the required anti-oxidants to neutralize the ill effects.

7.Avocado Oil Works Miracles

If you haven’t already done it, you need to swap all the regular cooking oil in your home for Avocado oil. This is because avocado oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids that actively identify and drastically reduce abdominal fat deposits.

8.Avocados are Ripe with Nutrients

No other fruit on Earth can boast of being able to nourish humans with over 20 essential health amplifying nutrients. Some of them include Vitamins E and B, folic acid and potassium; all of which enable you to utilize fat-soluble nutrients.

9.Avocados are Rich in Fiber

If you are trying to lose weight fast, keep that fiber close. Fiber is your friend here. Although fiber is indigestible, it plays a very vital role in the digestion process that actively contributes to weight loss and stable blood sugar levels.

10.Avocados Are Super Delicious and Easy to Incorporate

Hey, if you know any sweeter and more enjoyable way to lose weight, be my guest. Avocados are not only ready to eat on the spot (just add a little salt), but they can be integrated into almost any meal on the menu? If it’s breakfast, just make a quick avocado sandwich or avocado toast. For lunch, a sumptuous avocado chicken salad should do the trick. To bid adieu to a great day, nothing beats a creamy avocado pasta sauce. Go ahead, give it a try.



Avocado is in no way fattening. It’s fantastic properties such as soluble fiber, healthy fatty acids, minute carbs and higher levels of nutrition make it the perfect fruit to take on your weight loss journey.